Xpenditure / Rydoo


Xpenditure / Rydoo

Xpenditure is a mobile and web-based expense management system that automates the expense management process from receipt to accounting. Plus, this app makes expense reporting a lot easier.

Making use of intelligent scanning, Xpenditure allows anyone with a tablet, a smartphone, or simply a webcam, to digitize, store, as well as manage receipts. It was created with the small business owner or freelancer in mind, who usually does not have all the time to monitor business expenses and receipts, in mind.

Xpenditure allows you to scan and store all your expense receipts in the cloud, even matching your receipts to credit card statements, verifying every step of the process. It ensures the date of purchase, location, and the total are detected by the tool and sent to your accounting or administrative department.

Xpenditure was acquired by Sodexo and has rebranded into Rydoo.
We made a virtual tour of their offices in Mechelen.

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