About us

At Poppr, we craft tailor-made immersive digital experiences that are designed to leave a lasting impression. They improve customer loyalty, drive action and keep your brand top of mind. Every one of our experiences is fully customised and data-driven.

Discover our core values and our story below.

  • Purpose We aim to make an impact with everything we do. That’s why forward-thinking customers love to work with us: they understand that immersive experiences suit their brand and help them to meet their business objectives.
  • Commitment Our proactive approach, can-do attitude and motivation help us to always keep learning. As a leading player, we strongly believe in the attention to details. Our dedication and commitment are relentless, regardless of our clients’ budget or project size.
  • Trust We always provide the solutions and experiences that best fit our clients’ purpose and overall mission. We combine our knowledge and experience to ensure a long-lasting professional relationship that is based on mutual respect and open communication.
  • Professionalism As a leading player in immersive digital experiences, we strive for excellence in everything we do – marked by operational efficiency, creativity and innovation. In our never-ending journey to improve, we make dedicated choices that provide us focus.

How it all began

  • 2006

    Aerial photography

    Poppr co-founders Steven and Yvan find each other through aerial photography.
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  • 2007

    Virtual tours and the iPhone

    Advent of 360° photography and QR codes on buildings.
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  • 2008

    Immersive websites

    Focus on user-friendly websites with 360° imagery.
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  • 2010

    Advent of the drone era

    Introduction of commercial drones for stunning aerial views.
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  • 2013

    Getting the nod from Google

    Google recognizes Poppr as market leader in virtual tours in Belgium.
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  • 2014

    VR gets real

    3D virtual tours and architectural projects.
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  • 2015

    Big VR Steps

    Large VR project for Antwerp Zoo and Center Parcs.
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  • 2016

    Augmented Reality (AR) hype

    Microsoft's HoloLens adds new capabilities.
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  • 2017

    Embracing Ghent's charm

    Relocation to Ghent and expansion into AR and VR.
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  • 2018

    Bart joins Poppr as Technology Director

    Bart De Bock becomes a part of the team as Technology Director for custom development of experiences.
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  • 2020

    Turnaround year for Poppr's vision

    Covid pandemic accelerates digital-first vision and new projects.
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  • 2021

    Conversion through Immersion

    Baseline change to reflect our relentless focus on hands-on immersive experiences.
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  • 2022

    Fresh look and renewed focus

    Rebranding with emphasis on actionable immersive digital experiences.
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