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Independent virtual museum platform for cinema lovers

Film Secession
Independent virtual museum platform for cinema lovers


Creating a cutting-edge and tailor-made immersive website for a virtual film museum? Right up our alley. US-based film professor and curator Richard Suchenski was looking to launch a subscription platform that would blend historically significant films with virtual exhibitions focusing on key themes and figures in the film industry.


  • Immersive 3D museum experience for desktop, alongside a lightweight mobile-friendly alternative.
  • Seamless integration of video streaming (JW Player) and payment processing (Stripe).
  • Full brand creation, combining custom development and cinema-inspired art direction, elevating the immersive website to a true flagship experience.

All-in-one project approach

In the client’s words, the main aim of Film Secession was to create new ways of exploring the ideas that shaped filmmakers across different cinematic eras. The goal was to craft an online platform with a museum-like feel, showcasing historically significant films, archived materials and interviews with directors and other cinema experts. Adapting this cinematic grandeur into a captivating experience for the small screen required an integrated approach that combined technical expertise and a comprehensive artistic vision.

Independent virtual museum platform for cinema lovers

Cinema-inspired design focus

Our art director set to work on a visual platform style that seamlessly aligned with the project’s overarching theme. Drawing inspiration from the art deco sets of legendary art and set director Cedric Gibbons, he created an inviting, yet minimalistic and modern concept. The design offers a welcoming atmosphere as visitors navigate from one virtual museum hall to the next, exploring all the content of the digital museum. Our team handled all visual branding aspects, ranging from conceptualization and logos to typography.

Independent virtual museum platform for cinema lovers

Technical challenges

The platform uses custom 3D modelling to enable a content layer on top of a 3D environment. In contrast to SaaS development platforms such as Roblox or Meta’s Horizon Worlds, our custom development approach allows us to fine-tune every little detail to the needs of the immersive universe that projects like this deserve. On top of the development architecture that combines gated and non-gated content, seamless integration with Stripe facilitates smooth processing of subscription payments. In addition, we integrated streaming with JW Player for video and added geoblocking for select video material subject to country restrictions. Detailed usage analytics provide statistical insight that helps to identify opportunities for content expansion and improvement.

Independent virtual museum platform for cinema lovers


Through Film Secession, we transformed a passion project into a solid business concept and fully monetizable platform featuring valuable video content tailored for a global niche audience. Combining custom development with a best-of-breed approach for external integrations, the virtual museum delivers an elevated brand experience.

Building custom digital environments for global clients

This case does not only showcase our full-service approach and custom development and design skills – it also proves that immersive experiences can be monetized towards a global audience, yielding a net positive ROI. In similar fashion to our work for the Puratos Sourdough Library, our team delivers fully tailored functionality and a distinctive look-and-feel that sets your brand experience apart.

Film Secession is designed to change paradigms and ways of thinking. It was clear from the very beginning that something this new would only work if the interface felt clean, seamless, and elegant. I needed a partner willing to take real risks and adapt to situations that had never come up before in order to make this dream a reality. Poppr was the ideal choice and I look forward to continuing our journey.
Richard I. Suchenski
Founder, Film Secession


  • Bart De Bock Technology Director
  • Glenn Catteeuw Art Director
  • Jel Sadones 3D Modeller
  • Rogier De Boevé Creative Developer
  • Arnout De Coninck Backend Developer
  • Thomas De Meyer Project Manager

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