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Bringing live-guided immersive virtual tours to a global audience

Six Million Voices
Bringing live-guided immersive virtual tours to a global audience


Jewish history education plays a crucial role at the US-based EVJCC community centre. As part of its Holocaust education efforts, this not-for-profit organisation used to host virtual guided tours of Auschwitz using traditional video conferencing and screen-sharing, under the Six Million Voices (SMV) brand name. 

Recognizing the inherent limitations of this approach, the EVJCC reached out to our team to develop a better and more scalable alternative that would be able to host different educational tours. The challenge was to create an immersive experience through a bespoke platform for live-guided virtual tours

The main aim? To offer a wider audience direct access to vital educational content while enhancing the overall visitor experience.


  • Custom-developed CMS-based platform tailored for multiple guided virtual tours.
  • Easy creation of presentations that incorporate panoramic shots, slideshows, interactive maps and videos.
  • Top-notch audio and video quality through direct content streaming to visitors, instead of traditional screen-sharing.
  • A/V signal from tour guides to visitors through WebRTC connection, similar to conference calls.
  • Individual sessions with unique customer login URLS during scheduled time slots, for easy ticketing integration.
  • Immersive visitor experience for large-scale history education.
  • Future-proof platform ready to expand with fresh multimedia content and new tours

Project approach

The idea for Six Million Voices was clear from the outset: to revamp the existing virtual tour experience of Auschwitz-Birkenau, making it more accessible to a broader audience while enhancing the overall experience and preserving the historical memory of the Holocaust. We wanted to faithfully replicate the essence of an in-person visit to the memorial site.

To convert this vision into a tangible concept and platform, we turned to our tried-and-tested discovery phase. We conducted a thorough technical analysis to outline the required features and functionalities for the new bespoke tour platform. 

Key criteria included a user-friendly content management system (CMS), empowering the EVJCC’s content editors to add new material themselves. 

At the same time, the platform had to be intuitive for both tour participants and guides. Individual presentation links to different tour time slots were another prerequisite.

Platform architecture

The custom platform is built on Meteor using the React framework. Key integrations include JW Player for video content and Vonage for direct video and audio communication between tour guides and visitors. 

We’ve also incorporated a robust chat environment, offering both group chats and private messaging features. 

Individual presentation sessions can be organised with unique meeting links, which are distributed to a separate ticketing and payment platform. This ensures that visitors receive the correct one-time access code for their selected time slot and corresponding virtual tour.

Bringing live-guided immersive virtual tours to a global audience


Custom virtual tour platforms play a crucial role in shaping the future of education. Tour guides have the flexibility to take full control and adapt the tour to the needs of their audience, while providing the opportunity for direct interaction. 

Simultaneously, premium audiovisual quality is ensured by directly streaming all content to visitors, eliminating the need for cumbersome screen-sharing via a traditional video feed. 

The platform is designed with updates in mind: integrations with realtime 3D spaces and 360° video are on the roadmap for the next version.

Bringing live-guided immersive virtual tours to a global audience
The new SIX Million Voices platform brings Holocaust education to the 21st century. The new platform provides an opportunity to access the history of the Holocaust in a way that a multi-media classroom lecture or a visit to a museum can't deliver. We would not been able to achieve our vision without the experience and commitment of Poppr.
Michael Beyo
CEO, Six Million Voices
Bringing live-guided immersive virtual tours to a global audience

Bespoke platforms that generate ROI

The one-of-a-kind educational platform proves that custom solutions with tailor-made features are the most versatile solution for organisations looking to move fast, generate ROI and focus on the experience for their internal and external end users. In addition, advanced art direction allows for a distinct visual identity that standard SaaS solutions simply cannot match.


  • Bart De Bock Technology Director
  • Kacper Chlebowicz Art Director
  • Karolis Sinas Lead Software Engineer
  • Ruud Luijten Frontend Developer

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