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CAD to virtual reality sales tool

CAD to virtual reality sales tool

CAD to virtual reality sales tool

Callens is specialized in industrial thermal solutions.

Designing your boiler room, installing your steam, thermal oil, hot water or central heating boiler, fitting the pipework to get the heat to where it is needed.
Callens brings your production process or plant to the right temperature.

Straight from CAD to virtual reality

We created a powerful sales tool that allows engineers and future clients to visit the proposed technical installation in Virtual Reality in a matter of minutes.

The model is loaded into our custom built Windows application, rotation and starting position is defined, and it’s ready to go.
The entire proposed installation can be explored in room-scale 3D virtual reality, any floor, by either physically walking around or transporting using the controllers.

Proposed adjustments can be made quickly and re-visited in VR almost immediately.
From rather boring blueprint plans to an immersive experience with all the pumps, pipes and exhausts ready to inspect!

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