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Spreading its virtual wings

Spreading its virtual wings

Spreading its virtual wings

Versele-Laga is present in all corners of the world with its pet food and treats and nutrition for animals used in sport. The business is still a family-run firm, however, with its roots firmly planted at the banks of the river Leie near Deinze, in Flanders. One of the company’s leading brands is NutriBird, which provides specialist bird food. The brand enjoys a strong reputation and has earned global recognition.

Solid rebranding

A rebranding had been in the making for some time. A key focal point was improved packaging that would guide buyers through the entire product range. In the marketing team’s own words: a new set of wings for NutriBird.

Originally, a large event had been planned to celebrate this new release and generate additional buzz – until the coronavirus pandemic threw a spanner in the works. That’s why the rebranding team decided to turn to a creative alternative: a one-pager website that would highlight the brand’s new look-and-feel. And for this, naturally, they turned to us.

One story, two one-pager websites

Creating an attractive browser experience is not an issue for a creative digital team that knows how to push the boundaries of a website framework to create a strong visual experience. The task at hand was straightforward, but not necessarily easy to execute. The key objective: communicating the new brand look-and-feel of NutriBird in an instant – not only for animal lovers at home, but also for professional B2B customers. 

Our team set to work together with the Versele-Laga marketing department. We decided to develop distinct one-pager websites for both target groups. Each with a specific focus, yet with both including 3D animations and customized voice-overs.

For pros and for everyone

The B2B website for professionals is easily accessible through a separate personal access code for each contact. The protected website provides a wealth of additional relevant information, including scientific background information on the composition of NutriBird’s bird food. The individual login code on the site ensures that the team has access to plenty of detailed statistics about each customer, so that account managers can tweak their sales efforts. A new touchpoint for improved customer relationships.

End customers, for their part, have access to a public website that is available to anyone. The one-pager animated website integrates 3D models of birds, bird food and packaging to provide visitors an innovative experience.

Key reasons to chirp

  • Customised 3D-modelled animated birds and pet food textures throughout the website.
  • 3D recreation of new packaging, closely matching the original. This helps to highlight USPs.
  • Website available in 7 languages. Content editors are able to manage all text and media independently through Airtable, which acts as a central content management platform.
  • Seamlessly integrated voice-overs that give colour to the cited experts.


Every bird loves to hear himself sing, and we’re no exception to that rule. That’s why we invite you to check out the end result yourself! The website provides a fresh, clear-cut story that highlights key features of the products NutriBird has to offer. In addition, the B2B website offers additional advantages over a typical launch event, including advanced statistics on products and a more efficient follow-up by the sales team. That’s what a highly cost-effective one-pager should be: right on the cutting edge of sales and marketing.

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