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VRT Het Journaal


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VRT Het Journaal

Het Journaal is the main news program of the VRT, broadcast daily on the channels één and Canvas. The first edition of Het Journaal was broadcast on 31 October 1953, the day that Flemish television began.

Het Journaal is typically broadcast four times a day on één: 1pm, 6pm, 7pm, and the late news, which usually airs at around 10:45pm. At weekends, an extra bulletin is broadcast at 8pm on Canvas: this airs in place of current affairs programme Terzake (roughly translated, ‘In this respect’). The 7pm edition is the main edition, and the most-watched, usually running for 40 minutes.

We made a virtual tour of the TV studio, so the audience can have a look at, and behind the scene.

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