Virtual Reality Stair Lift Simulator

Comfortlift / Coopman Orona

Virtual Reality Stair Lift Simulator

Comfortlift, a Coopman Orona division, installs & services high quality stair lifts for people in their homes.

It is often a great misconception to think that stair lifts are only used by elderly people, while in reality they also greatly benefit relatively younger people with physical limitations, helping them to get up and down the stairs more easily (or at all).

This allows continued usage of upper floors, bedrooms and bathrooms, not only a great convenience, but also of significant mental value.


To get rid of these misconceptions, we sat down with Coopman Orona with the idea of making an entire 3D virtual house showcasing their stair lifts!

They wanted to show that stair lifts are actually very clean, stylized and practical and that they fit in every home, regardless of the interior.

We gladly accepted this challenge and developed a VR application capable of delivering exactly this message.

A 3D virtual house

Screenshot inside the Oculus Go of the VR demo we created

We created this virtual house from scratch in 360 degree 3D, a bit of a middle ground between modern and contemporary. Mind the piano!

Within the house, a Comfortlift stair lift was modeled and implemented.
The VR demo we created allows you to

  • see the lift from the perspective of the couch, showing that it’s not ugly or intrusive
  • move up and down the stairs, right from in the seat

This gives you a rather realistic and pretty fun idea of how it works and how it feels to be in such a stair lift.

An easy to use and low cost VR solution

This is how:

  1. Designing, modeling, animating and rendering the scenes in 3D
  2. A simple Oculus Go application that adds branding and a super simple gaze-to-click user interface, eliminating even the need for a controller

The Oculus Go was perfect for this application, very low cost, easy to transport.

Duplicating this application is an almost marginal cost – just add Oculi Go, install the app, done.
The Oculus Go loaded with this storytelling Virtual Reality experience is a practical and effective tool for sales teams, or use on fairs or events.

VR healthcare

The VR experience at the REVA Fair in Flanders Expo, Ghent

Dedicated VR booth for optimal experience

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Comfortlift / Coopman Orona
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