UZ Leuven – Virtual Hospital

UZ Leuven

UZ Leuven – Virtual Hospital

UZ Leuven decided it was time to modernize their marketing, allowing people from virtually (pun intended) anywhere to visit their hospital 365 days a year, 24/7.

To better inform pregnant women, partners, friends and family on the experience at the hospital, they asked us to create a virtual 360° tour of their maternity department.

Through the use of a high-resolution virtual reality tour, future parents can prospect the hospital on their own or follow a timeline that covers all specific steps of the pregnancy patient journey. The tour is augmented with information panes, video and text, the whole process is described from A-Z.

A virtual hospital

Virtual Reality, and especially 360 tours are a solid way to display the ins and outs of a hospital.
Through the use of 360° photos and videos, we created a digital twin of the physical hospital, with guides at every location:

  • Where do I have to check in?
  • How will my room look like?
  • Where will I be holding my baby for the first time?

People and couples discover answers to all these questions by following the visualized timeline we designed. This handy tool takes you through every single step from start to finish explaining everything in detail through the use of imagery & text.

Different scenario, different tour

We designed two specific tours

  • The casual tour, followed by people with a regular take-in
  • The emergency tour, for people that need urgent attention

If one does need emergency attention – we hope you don’t – this is a very fast way to know where you need to be before you get there, saving possibly precious minutes.

The emergency route

Pop-up modal windows

Click on the little icons with a plus-sign to open up extra information about the scene.
Get information about whether to choose a single or a double room, the visiting hours, how the delivery room looks like, where you need to sign in, etc.

Move back or forward in the story by clicking on the circle icons to go to the next/previous room or department!

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