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Virtual City Hall Ghent

City of Ghent

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Virtual City Hall Ghent

This schizophrenic building is in two parts, as you can clearly see, making it a fascinating sight in political Ghent. The façade on the Hoogpoort side shows you the flamboyant Late Gothic style that dates from the early 16th century. This style is in sharp contrast to the Renaissance style on the Botermarkt side. In this later wing (1559 -1618), you will see three-quarter Doric, Ionic and Corinthian columns and pilasters inspired by Italian palazzi.

In the niches in the façade of Ghent Town Hall, you will see the Counts of Flanders, although they were only added in the early 1900s. Behind this façade are no less than 51 rooms, including the Wedding Chapel, where Ghent residents make their wedding vows. Many a bride has been captivated by the beautiful, romantic stained-glass windows or got lost in the labyrinth of corridors and chambers inside the building.

Source: Visit.Gent

City Hall Virtual Tour

Poppr made a premium virtual tour, with a warm welcome from the then Mayor of Ghent, Mister Daniel Termont, filmed in chroma key and edited in the tour.

City Hall Virtual Reality

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