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Goodman Venlo


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Goodman Venlo

Goodman Limited is an Australian integrated commercial and industrial property group that owns, develops and manages real estate. This includes warehouses, large scale logistics facilities, business and office parks globally.

Goodman is now one of the largest providers of industrial property and business space in the world, following the expansion of its operations into Europe, Asia and the Americas through a series of acquisitions and organic growth.

Venlo is the leading logistics hotspot of Europe from where 160 million consumers are served. On this perfectly situated location Goodman offers a modern standalone multi-puropose logistics site which is perfectly suited for e-commerce, warehousing and distribution. TAPA-A is possible, allowing storage and value-add handling of high value goods.

The site is strategically located between the Port of Rotterdam and the Ruhr region, providing access to Belgium and Germany via a multimodal transport network.

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Virtual reality is an ideal way to display the unique selling points of industrial properties, allowing for a rich, immersive experience anywhere on the planet (or off planet), ánd virtual setups. Project any configuration in VR without having to actually build them.

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