Footprints Augmented Reality

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Footprints Augmented Reality

Mixed Reality and travel, a very potent match.

Footprints is specialized in organizing high-quality individual travels, carefully curated by the team.
They boast years of experience and solid know-how, combined with thorough inspections of the locations to guarantee top notch quality.

We were asked to enrich the experience of the classic travel brochure, so we created this amazing Augmented Reality app as a companion.

Augmented Reality

Key images in the brochure are detected by the AR app, and a tiny 3D scene emerges from the surface, based on real-time spacial tracking.
The amazed viewer is presented with the options to play high-res video, or start a high-quality picture slideshow to compliment the specific journey.


We are now expanding the library of experiences to new destinations!

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