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Ewals Cargo Care

Ewals Cargo Care

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Ewals Cargo Care

Ewals Cargo Care is a Dutch transport company with operations in 18 countries. The company’s head office is in Tegelen, The Netherlands.

The company was founded in 1906 by Alfons Ewals. In the late 1970s, the company moved from the old market to the site of a former ceramic factory on the Tichlouwstraat. On 17 July 1983 this building was completely lost by a large fire. New warehouses were built on the same site and in 1994 a new head office was built on Ariënsstraat. In 1991, Ewals Cargo Care developed the Megatrailer in collaboration with the European automobile industry.

In the 1950s and 1960s, Ewals expanded to Germany. Due to the growth of the steel and chemical industries during post-war reconstruction, transport services to and from Germany exceeded expectations in those years. In 1974, the company began shipping services to the United Kingdom. Cargoes for customers such as Vauxhall, Ford and KNP formed the basis of a new, fast-growing service.

In 1980, today’s Ewals Cargo Care GmbH – Kiefersfelden was founded. Kiefersfelden is due to the direct border with Austria as an important hub in the North South traffic. In 1984, unaccompanied RoRo services were introduced between the UK and the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The service was renamed Cargo Care.
In 1990 Cargo Cargo introduced the Megatrailer in cooperation with the automotive industry. Cargo Care began two years later with megatrailer services between the UK and Sweden. It formed an integrated collaboration with existing Ewals services from the continent.

In 1994, Ewals Transport and Cargo Care merged into one company. Ewals’ expertise in continental road transport, cargo management and warehousing has been combined with Cargo Care’s extensive RoRo services between the UK, the continent and Scandinavia. Since 1994, the company has developed a European network of logistics services.

By the year 2000, since the launch of the Megatrailer in 1990, the fleet of the company had grown to 3000 trailers. The Mega Huckepack trailer was launched in 2007 as an intermodal, road, rail or short sea unit.

In June 2007, the forwarding activities of the Swiss Crossrail AG were sold to the company Ewals Cargo Care, in order to concentrate only on block train traffic.

Ewals currently has around 2,400 employees in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Poland, France, United Kingdom, Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Bulgaria, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Portugal and Lithuania. The company owns 550 trucks and 3,600 trailers.

Source: WikiPedia

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