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De Luizenmoeder VTM


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De Luizenmoeder VTM

De Luizenmoeder (the lice mom) is a comedy series that takes place in an as interesting as common of locations: primary school.

Life in and around the primary school resembles – more than we would suspect – real life in modern society, where often an overload of rules or codes are in place, where adults act like children and vice versa. With proper playground treaties, traffic and birthday party rules, loitering parents, ten-minute-conversations and of course… lice moms.

Virtual Tour

In this production the audience can explore the class room of one of the lead characters, Miss Els.
You get welcomed by Els and her (in)famous song, and can discover teasers, notes and an essay in the class room.

Virtual Reality Green Key

Virtual Reality Green Key


The tour can be viewed on any device in any browser, and can make use of the gyroscope on mobile devices!


De Luizenmoeder is broadcasted on the commercial network VTM, and was embedded on their website to stimulate interaction.

De Luizenmoeder Virtuele Tour

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