Citrique Belge Safety Training

Citrique Belge

Citrique Belge Safety Training

Safety Training in VR

Safety is the number one priority at Citrique Belge, a well-known Belgian biotech company and one of the biggest producers of citric acid.
The company produces about 100.000 tonnes of citric acid annually.

Conveying safety precautions is an essential part to safety training and preventing workplace incidents.

Safety training in VR

  • makes the experience a lot more interesting, interactive, and fun
  • produces much higher retention levels than presentations or corporate video’s
  • actively lowers the amount of workplace incidents because of the increased retention

and serves as a recruitment tool, projecting innovation, transparency and culture.

How not to do it & how to do it

Apart from this tongue-twister title, the concept is actually pretty easy. We included two possible scenarios at each relevant spot.

The first scenario shows how the safety precautions are not followed, the second logically shows the correct way of doing this. About as clear as it can get.

The red icon indicates something is not entirely up to security standards in this scenario

By clicking on the red “thumbs down” icon, the correct version will be shown instead.

The proper safety clothing, that’s better!


New recruits get a warm welcome by the CEO, follow a fixed path through various spots where safety is a factor, and receive relevant information of the staff throughout the entire tour.

To make sure áll the information gets touched upon, the visitor follows a set path.

A warm wlcome from the CEO, Wim Vandenbrande

Employer branding

A complete 360° Virtual Tour is not only useful for training purposes but for company branding as well.

Next to showing your commitment to safety, it also displays innovation, transparency and company culture.

Recruitment agencies use this virtual tour to attract people.

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