Premium 360° Virtual Tours

We create premium, high-resolution 360 degree virtual tours, with data, metrics and calls to action.
We combine 360 photography, 360 video, aerial 360, 3D and interfaces, and connect to your CRM and analytics.

High-resolution 360 Photography

We produce top notch 360 imagery, boasting a whopping 20K resolution, hand stitched and hand cleaned for the perfect representation and experience, thanks to our team of seasoned photographers.

The level of post-production goes from zero stitching lines or tripods, shadows to cleaning up floors to removing logo’s from packaging, sky replacements with sunny days to adding life-size dinosaurs, if you like.

360 Photography
360 Video

High-resolution 360 Video

360 video expands the level of storytelling significantly, creating an immersive, moving and sounding experience, realistic or completely fictional, with added visuals, markers, voice-overs or CGI elements.

360 degree video requires a more human approach that takes visual cues and the viewer’s natural curiosity (after all, they can look away from the action) into consideration to guide the story-line.

Photorealistic 3D

High-quality, photorealistic 3D visualisations of your project, your product or your story, to tell the story of what is yet to be, in a visually impressive way.

The 3D can be merged in real life 360 photo or video, even show the actual views from the windows from different floors to take the realism to new heights.

Explore this blend of 360 photography and photorealistic 3D

3D modeling
Aerial 360 photography

Aerial 360 Photo and Video

Using the latest drones, height-rigs and helicopters, we provide premium 360 aerial photography and 360 video for virtually any type of project.

We record super high resolution with no black spots or nadir, and post process extensively to provide a premium result with beautiful colors and details.

Enjoy the City of Mechelen in this super res 360 aerial

For web, mobile, VR setups, social or Google

Distribution is important. Based on your goals and KPI’s, we will guide you towards a distribution plan that works for your project, and connect the metrics.

We build for browsers, mobile devices, Google cardboards, VR goggles and setups using Oculus Go, Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, that can be re-used for facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, you name it.

Virtual Reality Tour

Chroma key and visuals

Add a new layer of human interaction with chroma key video (green screen) of a person welcoming, or explaining parts of the process to the visitor, straight in the virtual scenario.

Add visuals like markers, information, distances, metrics, information panes, pictures and even embedded video to enrich the experience.

Check out this example in the Virtual Hospital

Data, metrics and conversion

We measure just about everything, and connect to your CRM and analytics to continuously improve the tour(s).

What does conversion mean for you? Completing a scenario? Click “contact”, or “book”? Get people into your store? With you, we think about calls to action and how to convert visits into customers.

VR Analytics

How we create Premium Virtual Tours

With Conversion through Immersion as our motto,
we always strive to find impressive and innovative solutions,
devise solid strategies, use technology and visual storytelling to hit the marks,
measure everything, test and improve. We believe strongly in co-creation and design thinking principles.

1. Discovery
Contextual understanding
Information gathering
Goal definition
2. Preparation
Location visit
Shot list
Shoot prep
3. Production
4. Launch and Support
Launch plan
Measure and report

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