Tesla Model 3 interior – Virtual Tour

Tesla Motors

Tesla Model 3 interior – Virtual Tour

Watch the virtual tour of the Tesla Model 3 interior below.

The first day the Tesla Model 3 was released, we shot the interior of the Tesla Model 3 in extreme hi-res 20.000 px quality 360 photo.

Curious to see the interior of the Tesla Model 3 in the finest detail? Check it out:

Or click this link to open the virtual tour in fullscreen: Tesla Model 3 interior – Virtual Tour.

Tip: this virtual tour of the Tesla Model 3 interior is recorded in extreme hi-res 20.000 px (= 200 megapixel!) quality, so you can zoom in and zoom out to see the smallest detail.

Poppr also made Virtual Reality and Virtual Tour projects for other electric car brands, eg:

The Ford Mustang Mach-E in Virtual Reality: a Virtual Reality experience of the new all-electric Ford Mustang, which was installed in all 80 Ford dealerships in Belgium.
– The Audi E-tron (work in progress)
Volvo (a virtual visit to the Belgium plant, aimed at employer branding).

Do you have a virtual reality, augmented reality or virtual tour project for your own brand in mind?

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Tesla in Space


Virtual Reality for Automotive

Virtual Showroom

Walk around the showroom floor, have a look at the models on display, discover the delivery area, the waiting areas, have a peek in the state of the art work shop, and meet the people.

Some key facts about the Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is a luxury all-electric four-door sedan (compact executive car) manufactured and sold by Tesla, Inc.

Following crash testing, it received five stars in every category from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

According to Tesla officials, the Model 3 Standard Range version delivers an EPA-rated all-electric range of 220 miles (354 km) and the Long Range version delivers 325 miles (523 km).

The Model 3 has a minimalist dashboard with only a center-mounted LCD touchscreen.Tesla stated that the Model 3 carries full self-driving hardware to be optionally enabled at a future date.

Within a week of unveiling the Model 3 in 2016, Tesla revealed they had taken 325,000 reservations for the car. These reservations represented potential sales of over US$14 billion. By August 2017, there were 455,000 net reservations. Limited production of the Model 3 began in mid-2017, with the first production vehicle rolling off the assembly line on July 7, 2017, with the official launch and delivery of the first 30 cars on July 28. On July 1, 2018, it was announced that Tesla had met its production goal of 5,000 cars in a week.

Total deliveries passed the 100,000 unit milestone in October 2018, and cumulative sales since inception totaled about 198,700 units up to March 2019. The Model 3 topped global sales of plug-in electric cars in 2018, and also listed as the top-selling plug-in passenger car in the U.S. and California. In February 2019, the Model 3 passed the Chevrolet Volt to become the all-time best-selling plug-in electric car in the U.S.

(Source: WikiPedia)

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