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3D product configurators

Leverage customization to convert your audience into buyers. An interactive product configurator in 3D provides a visual experience that takes your e-commerce to the next level.

3D product configurators
Engage and interact in 3D

Empower your audience to build and customize

The best online shopping and product browsing experiences are personalized and interactive. Our 3D product configurators are custom-built tools that allow your audience to design almost any offering in a realistic 3D environment, before making a purchase or visiting a dealership. From 360-degree previews in architectural planning tools to car configurators or online kitchen planners, your customers have the freedom to select the options and features they want, generating a unique and tailored end result.

web-based VR and AR

Future-proof investment

The 3D-rendered models that we build for our product configurators can be used as building blocks for web-based augmented reality and virtual reality. This makes it easier to take your 3D product configurator to the next level, adding an extra touch of realism and immersion. Our careful design and use of industry-standard software and best practices allow us to bring your VR and AR experiences to an even larger audience with little extra effort - no custom app required!

Bridging the sales gap

Opportunities across all sectors

3D product configurators are a valuable tool for your business to improve engagement with potential clients and increase sales. By providing customers with an interactive shopping experience, organizations can build their competitive advantage. 3D product configurators have become a staple across various industries, including:

  • Interior design
    Options for furniture fabrics and colours and placement of objects in a virtual living room give customers a better view of what their ideal home would look like.
  • Automotive
    Car configurators allow prospective buyers to customize their dream ride and instantly see the effects of different options and colours, making the sales process easier.
  • Construction
    Architects, contractors and end clients can create 3D models of buildings and structures, such as roof designs. They can be customized and configured to meet specific needs and demands, improving spatial awareness and making it easier for builders and buyers to seal the deal.

Boosting success rates

How 3D product configurators help you shine

Businesses that offer 3D product configurators to their clients, see several advantages:

  • Additional engagement and interaction over 2D
    While 2D product configurators are inherently limited to static images, 3D configurators allow users to interact with a 3D model and view products from all angles. This gives a better sense of what the end result will look like and lowers the purchasing threshold.
  • Higher conversion rates
    Product configurators give customers the ability to personalize products to their own preferences and to interact with them in a more engaging and realistic way. This leads to increased conversion and sales.
  • Improved product visualization and customer communication
    3D configurators can help businesses to better communicate product information and features with customers. Providing detailed, accurate and context-based visual product information helps customer loyalty and purchase satisfaction.

How we build yours

Ready to give your audience a more realistic view of what you have in store? Let us build your interactive 3D experience to help you with your online and offline sales. Starting from your existing products, we get to work with 3D modelling. This way, we craft a virtual equivalent to your offering. This can include the ability to change colours, textures, add-ons and other options that are relevant to your business. Our configurators can be integrated into any website, mobile app and virtual reality environment.

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