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Digital twins

Virtual replicas of real places and objects. Digital twins enable organizations to improve their marketing and sales, cater to their audience, and train their employees.

Digital twins
A new frontier in virtual spaces

What are digital twins?

Digital twins are virtual replicas of physical objects or environments that can be used for simulations, training, events and brand experiences. They are often built in 3D and are capable of reproducing and simulating real-world environments and behaviour. The applications of digital twins are wide-ranging: from metaverse spaces and virtual showrooms to immersive training environments.

How it works

A key element in creating digital twins is developing scenes that look similar to the original. These photorealistic virtual environments can then be used for various purposes. Using photogrammetry and 3D technology, we can reconstruct scenes from a series of photos or generate 3D models based on existing environments. This provides a level of realism that does not only capture the original, but enables us to manipulate the digital twin to enable changes that would otherwise be impossible in the physical world.

There are other options for building digital twins, too. Starting from building plans and architectural drawings, our team can create a digital twin that is ready to explore and use for various use cases - before the original building or design is even finished. This opens up new opportunities.

Digital twins in practice

Digital twins are more than simple virtual models designed to look like their physical counterparts. They enable marketing, sales and training in a wide range of sectors, including heavy industry, real estate and engineering.

Our digital twin virtual experiences provide virtual tours of holiday destinations or an insight into sites that are difficult to access in real life. The virtual environment engages your audience and acts as a sales incentive, guiding your viewers through your library, shop or museum.

Advanced 3D environments can be used for virtual training. Our digital twins of high-risk environments enable the simulation of situations that would be dangerous to replicate in real life, allowing organizations to teach safety best practices to workers in a safe and effective environment.

Digital twins are also easy to upgrade and visually enhance. 3D models can be updated quickly to reflect changes in the real-world original and provide a virtual environment that is always an accurate representation. Virtual environments can also be improved with new objects, backgrounds and lighting effects to improve the original they’re based on. This enables a hybrid environment that combines the best of the physical and the digital world.

Integrated approach

How we do it

We use our expertise in photogrammetry, 3D and 360° photography to capture every detail of your real-world environment. Next, our development team uses this footage to generate a panorama-based or fully three-dimensional space that is ready to deliver on your goals. Curious to see how this works in practice? Browse our cases and see for yourself!

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