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Virtual museums and travel experiences

Virtual tours allow everyone to explore leading museums, historical landmarks and new travel destinations. Whether your audience is looking for a classic virtual museum visit or a hybrid experience that stimulates all senses, virtual tours win the battle of convenience and accessibility. They showcase their heritage and appeal to a global audience, while reinforcing the marketing message of future-thinking cities, brands and not-for-profits.

Virtual museums and travel experiences
Unlocking every point of interest

Endless opportunities for exploration

Virtual tours are a most effective marketing tool for all kinds of organizations. Using 360-degree photography and videos, we build a virtual replica of an existing location. This helps to provide an experience that feels as close to the real thing as possible. Using ambient music, sound effects, voice-overs or text overlays as additional multimedia elements, the tour can be improved even further. Virtual tours help to build trust with your audience, providing an immersive experience that is nearly impossible to match in any other way. They drive brand engagement, interaction and interest, leading to proven conversion rate increase.

Proof in numbers

According to a recent study, 43% of global travellers use virtual tours to do research before booking a trip. Hotels and resorts that offer virtual tours on their websites have a 20% higher booking conversion rate compared to those that don't. Virtual reality and augmented reality are expected to grow and become even more popular in the future as a key tool for people looking for their next getaway.

Virtual museums and travel experiences
Limitless exploration

Virtual tours in travel

Virtual tours allow large audiences to explore new travel destinations from the comfort of their own home. From hotel accommodation over cityscapes to ski resorts, these tours help businesses to provide their target audience with a true idea of what a stay is really like. This helps prospective buyers to make more informed decisions about where to go, what to see, and where to stay.

Culture at your fingertips

Virtual museum tours

Virtual tours are also excellently suited to virtual museum visits and virtual exhibits. Visitors are able to explore art galleries and temporary exhibitions at their own pace from their laptop, mobile or tablet. Virtual exhibits can include images, videos and other interactive elements that provide additional insight and an even more engaging experience. They can be accessed year-round, bringing in more visitors as they are not limited by physical opening hours. They also offer affordable education to a wider audience of school children and less museum-minded folk.


Some key benefits of virtual museum tours and virtual travel experiences:

  • Cross-channel marketing opportunities
    Combine city marketing and business promotion on multiple platforms, including websites, VR headsets and offline campaigns referring to your virtual tour.
  • Available on any device
    WebVR technology allows for a seamless virtual reality experience on any device with a web browser and internet access, including popular home VR headsets such as the Meta Quest 2.
  • Increased conversion rates
    A more immersive and engaging experience helps to convince potential customers.
  • Detailed statistics
    Track and analyze your campaign for valuable insights into user behaviour and engagement.
  • Competitive advantage
    Showcase projects that differentiate your business and stand out from your competitors.

Virtual museums and travel experiences
How we build yours

Accessible to any organization

Building your virtual museum experience or travel tour doesn’t have to be complicated. We design your tour using 360-degree panorama photography3D modelling and photogrammetry to come up with a realistic environment. We connect the tour to your CRM and analytics, so you’re always in the know on what’s going on and how you can improve your marketing campaigns.

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