Virtual Reality Demonstrations

An ever-increasing amount of companies use Virtual Reality for product demonstrations, configurators, tours, training, research, even recruitment and onboarding.

Discover what VR can do for your company with demonstrations, a workshop and inspirational talk!

Virtual Reality Demonstrations

VR might be one of the most immersive, most fun ways to tell your story and display your idea. It’s interactive, requires a very high level of focus, and the information retention levels are very high.

Get an introduction into VR with VR demonstrations, from 360 degree environments to room-scale interactive applications on a variety of platforms from Oculus and HTC.

Virtual Reality Events

Inspirational talk

Warm up the room and your brains with an inspirational talk on the past, present and especially the future of Virtual Reality.

We sketch the current state of VR for companies with a number of examples in a broad scala of sectors and applications, and inspire with the possibilities in the near and not-so-near future.

Virtual Reality Workshop

Through a Virtual Reality workshop, using a number of inspirational and functional scenarios and solutions, we will identify specific touch points in where Virtual Reality can help your business.

The workshops are conducted by one or more seasoned VR experts, in one or multiple groups, at your company or an external location. We’ll take care of everything.

Virtual Reality Workshop
VR Story boarding

Research project

We offer research projects for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to, after ideation sessions, build one or more proofs-of-concept. This way we can test a few hypotheses and reach a number of conclusion in a fast and lean manner. Innovation through VR and AR.

This way we can formulate trial-based answers to a number of test cases, with limited budget and including all relevant stakeholders.

Virtual Reality demonstration

Give us a call or send us an email with your story and the number of people.
We’ll gather relevant examples and prep the necessary hardware.


VR Demonstrations, please!

Discover how 360, VR and AR can help your business!

We're always happy to have a brainstorm and show relevant cases,
or host an introduction workshop for your company.