Virtual Reality

Premium immersive Virtual Reality experiences, ranging from 360° to room-scale 3D.

Virtual Reality experiences

VR is probably the most immersive and captivating way to tell your story and showcase your ideas. Virtual reality is interactive, requires focus, and provides high information retention levels.

Our Poppr team builds premium VR experiences ranging from high-res 360° photography and 360° video to room-scale photorealistic 3D environments allowing you to interact with objects and the world around you.

Virtual Reality Events
Unilin Rigid Vinyl VR

Interactive Storytelling

Supported by a strong narrative, your audience is fully immersed in your virtual experience. Whether you are looking to train your employees with new skills, showcase the USPs of your products or deliver your viewers an out-of-this-world experience, VR opens up multiverses of storytelling opportunities.


Crafting good VR experiences – from very simple to complex scenarios – requires a number of different skill sets. Our scriptwriters, storyboarders, art directors, 3D modelers, animators and technical experts work in sync to bring everything together.

Today’s technology, like WebVR, allows you to distribute your premium VR experience to a variety of headsets. Your content can be reused on other platforms and media, too – including laptops and tablets or social media.

VR Story boarding
VR Training

Training in VR

Virtual Reality is a powerful tool for training, thanks to its immersive nature, high retention rates and combination of realistic 360-degree scenarios. From factory tours to multi-scenario sales training, safety and compliance exercises, warehouse protocols or machine repairs, VR makes your training more low-cost, non-intrusive, non-destructive and ultraportable.

Product Demonstrations in VR

Move over, brochures and animated videos! Life-sized, 360° interactive presentations beat all other options. Showcase your product USPs and demonstrate inner workings in high resolution. VR is not limited by time or space, allowing you to display every variant of your product in any environment you can think of.

Oculus Go

Oculus Go, Quest, Rift or HTC Vive

Depending on your goals and needs, our team will advise you on which hardware to use for your specific business scenario. VR setups range from WebVR experiences using portable devices to elaborate room-scale deployments. We can take care of your hardware, VR headset, computers, software and repairs wherever you are based, so you can focus on what you do best.

Data, metrics and conversion in VR

Our technical setup allows us to track almost anything and push all relevant data to your CRM and analytics tools. This enables us to measure every detail, in turn helping you to improve your conversion rates.

VR Analytics

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