Augmented Reality

Premium interactive AR experiences, including data tracking, analytics and calls to action.
We combine AR engines with original 3D content, photo, video and other media.

Breathtaking augmented experiences

AR superimposes computer-generated images on the real world. Think of an additional layer on top of what you see through your phone camera, for example – providing a composite, hybrid view of the real world and virtual objects.

AR enables you to blend virtual content and the real world, allowing unparallelled interactions. Key players have invested heavily in augmented reality platforms and applications providing us with incredible platforms to offer new experiences. Thanks to WebAR, augmented reality is more accessible than ever.

AR Configurator

Mixed Reality Configurators

Considering new furniture for your home? Project 3D models into your living room and see how that new pink sofa goes together with your existing wallpaper. Take a mixed-reality picture, share it with friends and interact directly with the supplier for a quote.

Selling heavy equipment that’s difficult to transport for a live demo at your customers’ location? Build an AR model and let anyone view, discover, configure and order at the push of a button.

Training and Education in AR

Show the inner workings of anything from electronics, devices, machines or chemical processes, layered on top of reality and displayed on a screen.

Trainees can learn from anywhere, at any time, using any device, in an interactive and compelling way – sending retention rates through the roof. Trainers, for their part, can provide their training at lower cost and while providing more touchpoints.

AR Training
Ikea Augmented Reality

Furniture, fashion and gamification

Pokemon Go was unquestionably the first big AR application that displayed the potential, reach and most importantly fun factor of using AR for gamification.

Many fashion retailers are building AR applications and mirrors to simulate clothing on a 3D environment, with the ability to try every color and size, and reserve or purchase the items.

I’m sure we’ve all seen the IKEA app that puts furniture in your actual spaces.

Data, metrics and conversion

Our technical set-up allows us to track almost anything and push all relevant data to your CRM and analytics tools. This allows us to measure every detail, in turn helping you to improve your conversion rates.

VR Analytics

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