Augmented Reality

We create premium, interactive Augmented Reality experiences, with data, metrics and calls to action.
We combine AR engines with original 3D content, photo, video and other media to inform and capture.

Amazing augmented experience

AR is defined as “a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.”

As a new layer on top of the real world with unlimited content, dimensions, impossible physics and interactions, AR is quickly becoming huge. The big players like Google, Apple or Facebook have jumped on this bandwagon, pumping billions into R&D.

AR Configurator

Mixed Reality Configurators

Considering new windows? Project window models on your actual home, change parameters and colors, take pictures and get feedback and a quote instantly from a nearby agent.

Sell machinery but can’t put them all on a booth? Build it in AR, let every potential customer in the world view it anywhere, see USP’s highlighted, even configure and order.

Training and Education in AR

Show the inner workings of anything from electronics, devices, machines or chemical processes layered on top of reality.

Plus for the trainee: learn anywhere, anytime, using any device, in an interactive and compelling way. Retention will be through the roof.

Plus for the trainer: much cheaper, more data, more connections and much higher retention.

AR Training
Ikea Augmented Reality

Furniture, fashion and gamification

Pokemon Go was unquestionably the first big AR application that displayed the potential, reach and most importantly fun factor of using AR for gamification.

Many fashion retailers are building AR applications and mirrors to simulate clothing on a 3D environment, with the ability to try every color and size, and reserve or purchase the items.

I’m sure we’ve all seen the IKEA app that puts furniture in your actual spaces.

Data, metrics and conversion

We measure just about everything, and connect to your CRM and analytics to measure, know and improve continuously.

What does conversion mean for you? Completing a scenario? Finish a training? Configure objects, clothes, items? With you, we think about calls to action and how to convert visits into customers.

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