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How our award-winning Avoriaz 360 virtual tour sets a new standard

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We're thrilled to announce that Yvan van Hoorickx, co-founder of Poppr, has won a prestigious silver medal in the 360 VR category at the Worldwide Epson Pano Awards for an extraordinary 360 drone photo of Avoriaz.

Avoriaz like never before: the ultimate virtual ski experience

This award isn't just an acknowledgment of Yvan's exceptional talent, but also a testament to the team's dedication and pioneering work in the field of 360 VR since 2006. The award-winning drone photo is more than just a breathtaking capture; it is the gateway to an unparalleled virtual journey through Avoriaz. Created with meticulous attention to detail, Poppr's virtual tour of Avoriaz comprises more than 80 individual 360-degree photos and videos, weaving together a digital narrative that brings the ski resort to life.

Top 10 VR/360 images Top 10 VR/360 images

Why virtual tours are essential for ski resorts

But why does this matter? Ski resorts, often sprawling over large areas and offering a plethora of activities and sites, can be overwhelming to the prospective visitor. Virtual tours simplify this, offering potential guests a comprehensive view of what to expect—from the steepness of slopes and the comfort of accommodations to the vibe in après-ski lounges.

Virtual tours are no longer a 'nice to have' but a 'must-have' for ski resorts globally. They facilitate advanced planning for avid skiers, encourage novice skiers to take the plunge by demystifying the ski experience, and are an invaluable marketing asset that can significantly increase bookings and engagement.

The impact of Poppr's virtual tour of Avoriaz

The Avoriaz virtual tour has not only won multiple awards, but has also significantly elevated the user experience, making it easier than ever for visitors to plan their snowy getaway. The tour brings together various elements of the resort—from ski lifts and slopes to hotels and recreational areas—in an interactive, user-friendly interface.

Don't miss the chance to explore the full Avoriaz virtual tour here Don't miss the chance to explore the full Avoriaz virtual tour here

More than just one award-winning project

Our accolade at the Worldwide Pano Awards is among many exciting projects we've completed. Through Poppr, you can also explore other iconic locations such as the Royal Palace, the Van Eyck art project, all 27 Center Parcs parks in Europe, and Virtual Bruges. We are also currently collaborating on a worldwide project to make Auschwitz virtually accessible with live guides.