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Virtual Reality in TV: De Luizenmoeder

Virtual Reality in TV: De Luizenmoeder

How can you expand your reach by using Virtual Reality tours? What are the possibilities in terms of content? And can you even turn it into a sales channel?

Like this, a lot and yes. Find out how you can use VR for TV!

De Luizenmoeder – literally translated to The Lice Mother – is a Dutch and Flemish comedy series broadcast by AVROTROS on NPO 3 and Medialaan on commercial channel VTM. The series is about an elementary school, called “De Klimop”, its teachers, its principal, and the parents of its first grade (group 3) students.

To arouse interest running up to the premiere of the show in Belgium, we created a high-res virtual version of one of the most important locations, the class room of miss Els. The teacher welcomes you to the class room in video, and around the space there are teaser videos to discover.


Visit the class room from De Luizenmoeder here.

As Seen on TV

Having a virtual version of sets, scenes and locations is a great way to extend your reach beyond the show.

Fans and viewers have the opportunity to have a real good look around the locations they know from t.v., in 360 degrees versus the limited 16:9 broadcast format. This is a powerful opportunity to create a solid emotional connection through an immersive and fun experience.

De Luizenmoeder Klas

Rich content

The tours can be extended with green key video to bring characters to life, information panes, pictures, high-res video, audio, even functionality in the form of games or shopping experiences.

De Luizenmoeder Video

Shopping and booking

As we did for Mijn Pop-uprestaurant (My Popup Restaurant), it’s possible to actively link objects to sales channels to generate revenue in the form of selling items, booking tables, premium content, you name it. In Mijn Pop-uprestaurant it possible to bid on objects from the interiors straight from the virtual tour, populated live through API calls.

VTM Mijn Popuprestaurant

Commerce in Virtual Reality

The possibilities are endless.


Of course, we track éverything, so the data can be used for retargeting or sent to your own CRM/sales tools.


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