Written by Steven Stumpf on May 4, 2018 · 3 min read

Oculus Go

Oculus Go

The long anticipated standalone VR headset by Oculus (owned by Facebook) is here: the Oculus Go.

But what does it mean, and how can it help your business? Let’s dive in.


  • Standalone, no computer needed
  • Cheap, $199 for the entry model
  • Quick and easy
  • For business – excellent to take your virtual experiences on the go

A new mark in Virtual Reality

The Oculus Go sets a new standard in which everyone can buy a relatively affordable virtual reality headset with no need for a computer and jump right into VR. It’s the perfect entry device, and if we can take a wild guess, it will sell like hot cakes, further solidifying the market position of Oculus in the VR space.

Because make no mistake, this is why this device costs $ 199 and $149 respectively. Facebook wants you in their Oculus ecosystem, and preferably forget about the rest.

The Oculus Go isn’t trying to be the best, simply to get the masses into VR as low-entry, affordable and most of al impressive entertainment.


Yes, that means you no longer need a big clunky computer to enjoy proper VR, and no longer teathered to cables!

Mind you, this won’t run the heavier games, but should cover about 80% of “normal use”, like watching video, interacting with people or playing relatively simple games.

Oculus Go Packaging

The Oculus Go box, emphasizing the wide range of applications


Facebook is clearly willing to sell with low or no margin in order to gain market size, these Oculus Go goggles go for $ 199 (32GB) and $ 249 (64GB). That is cheap, compared to a full size Oculus Rift setup that will set you back $ 450 without the hefty computer to boot (pun intended).

We are convinced this could be the great game changer to VR, breaking the market, adoption and applications wide open.

Build quality

The Oculus Go is surprisingly solid (for the price), feels good and fits quite snugly. Unboxing the Oculus go felt good, the product well presented and the cables properly hidden to make the experience as enjoyable as possible, adding to the low-barrier entry philosophy.

The only downside is that it tends to let in a little light through the nose opening.

Oculus Go Lenses

The Oculus Go is surprisingly solid

For Business

As more and more businesses turn to VR as immersive experience to visit locations, explain qualities or book trips, the portability and quality of this device will really help you bring your experience to the masses in a quick and friction-less way.


  • Fairs with cheaper devices, and without the cables or computers
  • Street marketing
  • Sales conversations showing thousands of products or applications in VR
  • HR training or compliance
  • Virtual visits to remote offices, factories, destinations
  • Even virtual meetings in a more enjoyable way than Skype or Hangouts

The possibilities were already endless, now they are portable as well.

Julie trying the Oculus Go

The freedom of Oculus Go – Our colleague Julie giving it a … Go


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