Delvaux in Virtual Reality

Belfius Art Collection

Delvaux in Virtual Reality

To celebrate the year of Delvaux, and offer a unique experience of one of our country’s most famous master painters, we created a virtual reality version of one of his masterpieces, called De stad bij Dageraad, painted in 1940, for the Belfius Art Collection.

Roam around the world Delvaux created, not only in the original form, but in 360 3D, walk from one edge of the room to the other, get a wide view or get up close with the characters.

Paul Delvaux

Paul Delvaux was a Belgian painter noted for his dream-like scenes of women, classical architecture, trains and train stations, and skeletons, often in combination. He is often considered a surrealist, although he only briefly identified with the Surrealist movement. He was influenced by the works of Giorgio de Chirico. (source)

Since all musea are shut now due to Covid-19, we created a web-version of this VR-experience. Check it out!

Virtual Reality for Art

Virtual reality offers an impressive, immersive way to experience art. Dive into pieces, explore entire worlds as envisioned by artists.

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Belfius Art Collection
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