Building chemistry with potential candidates via an interactive web documentary


Building chemistry with potential candidates via an interactive web documentary

Finding the right people is a challenge for many companies. The same goes for BASF, a global player in the chemical industry. The port of Antwerp is home to one of the company’s main production sites – the largest chemical production centre in Belgium. It provides employment to over 3,000 people. Even a leading multinational like BASF has a hard time finding highly qualified engineers and other specialist profiles in a hot labour market. A focus on recruitment with powerful employer branding provides a solution. The question that remains: how to put this into practice?

From virtual tour to interactive web documentary

The reputation of our team preceded us, as BASF had already heard of Poppr through one of our previous virtual tour projects for the city of Mechelen. BASF asked us whether we could deliver something similar for them. Whilst we were absolutely positive about this, we also wanted to go beyond a classic-style tour with panorama photographs and instead take things to the next level. This is why we decided to combine regular videos and 360-degree photography and videos for an immersive experience that would be able to convince potential employees of BASF’s key strengths. We came up with four different storylines, each carefully crafted with clever use of photos, text and video.

In short

  • Interactive web documentary, built around 4 main storylines.
  • Technical development using text and 360-degree photos and videos for maximum storytelling impact.
  • Focus on relevant topics for potential employees, including sustainability and use of cutting-edge technology.

“The creative team at Poppr managed to convey the scale and complexity of our business to future employees in an insightful and attractive way.”

Julie Lowey-Ball – Communications Officer

Authenticity and depth

Employer branding is more than just a quick recruitment campaign or a marketing strategy. It serves the long-term and sustainable creation of an image and brand. That’s exactly why we opted for true-to-life, in-depth content with BASF. This is always appreciated by potential hires. Interactive multimedia documentaries are an upcoming way of presenting authentic stories in a captivating, understandable way. With this project, BASF leads the industry with effective and innovative employer branding.

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