Augmented Routes

Augmented Routes

Augmented Routes is a mobile application and content management platform that brings Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences, 360 tours, photo, video and text to locations along a route or inside a geographical area.

It’s an innovative and super scalable platform for interactive storytelling.

Augmented Routes

Augmented Routes is our location-based, mixed reality storytelling platform and mobile application.

Discover history, present and future in mixed reality

Using modern storytelling techniques and cutting-edge technology, we unlock what was, what is, and what could be in an interactive, immersive and especially impressive manner.

It’s an incredible way of discovering points of interest connected by routes that could be accessible on foot, by bikes or other modes of transportation, or limited to a certain geographical area, like a building, museum or site.

Forget about booklets with static, tiny printed text and a thumbnail picture, using Augmented Routes you get immersed in the story to be discovered.
And best of all, it runs on any modern mobile phone, so you already have the device with you!

For Explorers

It’s simple: install the application and find the route you want to take.

The application will let you know if there’s something to be discovered nearby,
or you can explore certain things manually (others will be geo-locked).

Augmented Reality

  • Have an Augmented Reality Companion appear throughout the route and tell stories
  • Look through walls, doors or windows, displaying content in 3D, static or video
  • Walk through an augmented reality portal and show how things used to be, or could be in the future
Augmented Reality companion

This beguine is an Augmented Reality companion popping up in the real world and sharing stories and neat-to-knows.

Augmented Reality Portal

Step through the augmented reality portal and experience how this historical site used to look like in 3D! Walk around, discover people and objects.

Virtual Reality / 360 Content

  • Visit historic or accessible locations in high-resolution 360 degrees, see how it really looks or looked like
  • Show what the future could be, what could or will be built in virtual reality
  • From a million years in the past to a thousand years from now, and how about an alternate reality?
Virtual Reality buildling

Stand on top of the roof and look around in 360 degree virtual reality

Photo / Video / Text

  • Use your existing content, like text, audio or video
  • Share interesting facts, thoughts, brain teasers
  • Show video animations of historic, present, future or completely fictitious events or activities

Quizzes and games

  • Play quizzes to see how well you looked around or listened to the AR companion
  • Play a Pokémon Go-like game by collecting virtual objects in the real world!

For organizers, cities, regions, museums, tourism offices

A powerful way to attract visitors, tell stories and spread awareness by delighting

Augmented Routes is intended to be a companion, an interactive guide for the real-world experience. Not a replacement.
In fact, much of the content can be geo-locked (unaccessible except if they are in a set perimeter).

Attract young and old with immersive and delightful content.

A cathedral. Sure. But how about you look in to the huge organ to see how it works, in animated 3D?
This ruin, hold up your phone, step through the augmented reality portal, and experience how this area looked like in ancient Greece.

The possibilities are endless, and the format lends itself perfectly to sharing.

Augmented Routes

Discover the history using Augmented Reality, right on your own device.

Easy to use content management system

Define your route(s) and add different types of content easily through our web-based content management system.
The mobile app will automatically check for new content without the need for application updates.

User Interface Design

The platform is CMS-based, making it very easy to create routes and add different types of assets linked to geographical points of interest.

Simply choose the type of content, add information and assets, and geo-lock the experience if you so desire. Publish, done.

And because the platform is coordinate/map based, this works from and for anywhere in the world.

We create the content for you

We are pioneers of, and specialized in premium 360 content: 360 photos, 360 videos, and augmented reality content.

We have a strong team of project managers, producers, 360 photographers, videographers and 3D producers with over 1000 projects completed.


Re-use your content

Of course you can re-use your current digital assets, from text to pictures, video and 360 or 3D content.

Het Facilitair Bedrijf

The New Herman Teirlinck Flemish Government building houses 2600 people and is very advanced when it comes to sustainability and accessibility, well-being and comfort. On Open Bedrijvendag, open company day, we created an interactive is very advanced when it comes to sustainability and accessibility, well-being and comfort. and other media.

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Virtual Reality buildling

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