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Chasing the 360-degree perspective

Chasing the 360-degree perspective

Chasing the 360-degree perspective

The port of Ghent covers a vast area and is largely unknown territory for outsiders. Nevertheless, dozens of enterprises are based in the port, often working with state-of-the-art technology. Water-link is one of those organizations. Whilst water-link is mostly known as the drinking water supplier for the Antwerp region, the organization is also responsible for large-scale water treatment for the industrial sector in the port of Ghent. To showcase a brand-new project of theirs, water-link called on our experts. This marked the start of a story that went from outings with a racing drone to helicopter footage…

New infrastructure

In 2018, water-link started construction of its second industrial water treatment plant. It purifies and desalinates dock water to provide process water of various quality levels to large enterprises that operate in the port. Accurate and reliable water production is crucial for many industrial processes.

By 2020, the project had been completed. Plenty of reason for a grand opening, after two years of construction. However, an on-site event soon proved near-impossible, due to ever-changing covid restrictions. That’s why we decided to create a large-scale digital alternative for an on-site opening, emphasizing the scale and importance of the new water treatment plant.

Chasing the 360-degree perspective

Panoramic 360-degree video and indoor virtual tour

During the initial brainstorming session with the water-link team, it soon became apparent that a straightforward, small-scale tour simply wouldn’t do justice to the highly complex water plant. That’s why we wanted to go bigger. Nevertheless, we wanted to make the technical aspects of the water purification process accessible to a wider audience, using our familiar graphic and text overlays for indoor tours. We decided to produce a virtual tour and an accompanying teaser video for the installation. In addition, we wanted to create a 360-degree panorama video of the entire port of Ghent.

Chopper stunts

The port of Ghent covers a vast area and is over 32 kilometres long. That is too stretched-out for even the most advanced of camera drones that we love to work with. Their maximum flight height is limited. We took this restriction as a perfect opportunity to send in the cavalry in the form of a helicopter.

Our team went all out for the shoot. We opted for the Insta 360 Titan as our 360° camera of choice. We attached the camera to an extended tripod, which we then lowered down from the open helicopter door. This footage gave us a panoramic view of the port in unprecedented detail.

Quick facts

  • 360-degree video, including voice over and text (in two languages) describing the environment and the installation.
  • Virtual tour based on 360° photos of the inside of the treatment plant.
  • Teaser video for publication on social media, shot using a racing drone moving about and around the building.
  • Sleek interface design, based on water-link’s internal brand guidelines.

Chasing the 360-degree perspective

Mission possible

After a few weeks of hard work in post-production, the combined 360-degree video and virtual tour went live. The brand-new perspective of the port of Ghent adds to water-link’s storytelling and helps to shed light on the technical side of the water processing plant. The result? A worthy alternative for an opening event, showing the port of Ghent at its best.

Chasing the 360-degree perspective

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