The Royal Palace

Royal Palace of Brussels

The Royal Palace

Every summer, for a couple of weeks, the Royal Palace in Brussels is open to the public. It’s the perfect moment to get a glimpse at the King’s workplace, where he and the Queen carry out their official activities and hold their audiences. Not so surprisingly, because of COVID-19, this annual event could not take place.

The Belgian Monarchy did not stand idle, however. For the Belgian National Holiday on the 21st of July, the institute hired Poppr to make a virtual tour of the Royal Palace. Now, everyone can discover the royal premises all year round.

Take a scroll through the Royal Palace

The tour takes off with a beautiful aerial view. You then explore eleven areas of the palace in seventeen hi-res 360˚ pictures. There are rooms that you will recognise from TV, like the Hall of Mirrors or the Throne Room, but you also get a sneak peek in the more personal quarters like the King’s Office.

Every room has its eye-catchers that deserve a bit of extra info. With a click on the button, you get to find out everything you want to know about those specific highlights. To add to the project’s grandeur, we branded every clickable button and menu screen in the dark blue and gold colors of the Belgian Monarchy.

Festive Opening of the Virtual Tour

The day before the National Holiday, the virtual tour of the Royal Palace in Brussels came online. There was a festive opening of this immersive web experience in which Belgian DJ Lost Frequencies held a DJ set from the rooftop of the palace. It’s not every day our handiwork gets announced with this much display.

Royal Palace of Brussels
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