Herman Teirlinck Building Mixed Reality

Agentschap Facilitair Bedrijf

Herman Teirlinck Building Mixed Reality

The Herman Teirlinck building is the newest building of the Flemish Government, and houses a number of Flemish governmental organizations, good for 2600 employees. The building itself is very advanced when it comes to sustainability and accessibility, well-being and comfort.

On Open Bedrijvendag, the Open Company Day, we wanted to give the people a high-tech, behind the scenes look at some of the features that are making this happen, with the use of

  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • 3D animation

Look through walls, stand, and look around on the top of the roof, see how the passive cooling and heating work and walk around entire floors in virtual and augmented reality.

3D animated holographic display

In the main street of this functional building, where most people start their tour, we grabbed the attention of the visitor with a quite futuristic holographic cube that displayed a 3D-animation of the building. This is also where we invited them to install Augmented Routes, our AR platform that hosts the content.


Holographic 3D animation of the building


3D animated holograms, sure to draw attention

Augmented Routes

Augmented Routes is our platform that links AR, VR, 360 and other content to locations.

Augmented Routes platform

At every content location, visitors are invited to install the app and experience the content

Show inaccessible floors in Augmented Reality

AR markers

Scannable AR markers are spread throughout the building

AR scannable marker

The marker triggers an Augmented Reality experience, a wall comes crumbling down!

Augmented Reality for companies

Take a peek through the wall at the cooling installations! Move around to see around the floor.

Technical Augmented Reality

Look around on the roof in 360 degrees to see the solar panels and the magnificent views!

Augmented Routes triggers

Markers are spread throughout the rooms of the building indicating there are cool things to discover!

augmented reality portal

Step through the Augmented Reality portal and walk around the ventilation floors, scanned to 3D using photogrammetry

Augmented reality animation

3D animation explaining the passive cooling in winter and summer

Passive cooling

An interactive view on passive cooling

3D animations

The content isn’t stuck in the application,
models are easily re-used for 3D animations for displays with smooth voice-overs.

3D animation

Augmented Routes content management platform

Thanks to the content management platform, the organizer of the event is able to

  • Create points of interest on multiple floors
  • Add triggers like geo locations or tags
  • Add content in augmented reality, virtual reality, 360 content, text, audio or video

And after the event?

We created a virtual tour of the building so it can be visited 365/24/7 from anywhere in the world!

Facilitair Bedrijf virtual tour

Augmented Reality for Storytelling

Show present, past and future, animate history, let your visitors look around impossible places and explain processes in a captivating way.

Intereste in how Augmented Reality can work for your company or project?
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