Center Parcs – Les Ardennes

Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs Group

Center Parcs – Les Ardennes

Conversion through Immersion

Poppr created:

  • Strategy (production, distribution, (re)marketing, KPI’s, etc.)
  • High-res 360 photography of the entire park, including the restaurants and VIP cottages
  • Aerial 360 photography using drones
  • 360 video to display experiences like water slides and ziplining

Everything is monitored and linked to (Google) Analytics and internal CRM systems to continuously measure ROI and update the experience.

Virtual Reality for Travel

Communicating experience is key for the travel and tourism industry. Experiences are the currency.

Storytelling is emotion, and travel is an emotion-driven sales process.

VR is impressiveimmersive (there it is, buzzword bingo), uses multiple senses, requires 100% focus, is really fun and is growing from novelty to mass-adoption very rapidly.

We believe VR, AR and immersive imaging in all forms are the best way to tell a story.

It’s important that the experience is not stuck in high-end VR goggles, but it can be used on a wide variety of channels, from WebVR-tours to facebook, YouTube, even print.

Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs Group
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