AZ Maria Middelares – Virtual Hospital

AZ Maria Middelares

AZ Maria Middelares – Virtual Hospital

AZ Maria Middelares was looking for a modern and open way to communicate with their patients.

Next to info moments and prenatal training AZMM now offers a high-quality virtual reality tour of the facilities, complete with info panes and video.

The Virtual Hospital

VR is a powerful medium to introduce the patient journey of the future parent in an immersive, impressive and informative way.

Not only do you get to see where to check in (even through the emergency unit if the need is very high), but how the rooms look like, how the operating room looks like, …

An aerial overview

Thanks to our 360° aerial photo, you can easily see where the hospital is best accessible and where there are sufficient parking facilities.

Fast travel to specific areas

You don’t have to scroll through the entire hospital to find what you’re looking for.

At the home screen, a pop-up appears immediately. You can then click on the desired department, teleporting you immediately to it.

Meet the actual staff

We’ve equipped the virtual hospital tour with video’s from the actual doctors, surgeons, anesthetists and nurses giving some introductory information.

At numerous locations during the tour you can find plus-signs, by pressing it there appears a pop-up on the screen with all kinds of extra information and details.

Broad reach

The tour can be viewed in any (modern) browser, cardboards, or the Oculus Go & Oculus Rift through the browsers or a dedicated app.

The high-res 360 photos can be reused on supported social media platforms like facebook.

Your hospital in Virtual Reality?

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AZ Maria Middelares
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