Augmented Reality Brochure


Augmented Reality Brochure

As a market leader in the pharmaceutical industry, Pfizer works closely with governments to maximize innovation in the development of new medicines.

In the light of new legislature and new stakeholders, Pfizer worked with Poppr and communications agencies Whyte Corporate Affairs and Mardi to create a memorandum.

The result is a printed magazine that gives insights into what Pfizer means for society.

Through the use of a supporting Augmented Reality application the reader can get extra information in the form of HD video and animations, in an impressive manner.

An extra dimension of rich digital content

The application is based on the basic principle of AR, an extra layer added to reality. Hence the term “augmented” reality.

In the Pfizer app specifically, that extra layer can provide additional information through the use of videos, live and animated.

We detect images as markers in order to trigger specific content. The content is managed with a simple content management system.

The video gets projected on top of the image marker, and can be switched to full-screen.
Thanks to real-time tracking, the video keeps its size, location and adjusts its rotation while moving further and closer away from the source.

Bring your brochure, magazine, print, business cards to life using Augmented Reality!

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