Senior Producer

Senior Producer

We need a Senior Producer.
And we hope it might be you.


First things first: who is behind the ‘we’?
Our team at Poppr, that is. In case you haven’t heard of us yet: we craft immersive experiences on the web, in virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR). We do so through 360° photography, video, state-of-the-art camera drones and industry-leading editing and post-production.


We know this sounds like something you want to be part of!
Good news: we’re hiring.


We’re currently looking for a Senior Producer to join our ranks and help us create AR en VR experiences of the future, in the present.


What does your job entail?

  • You’re the primary point of contact for clients and you respond to RFPs and new business leads.
  • Together with our art and technology directors, you shape incoming requests into concrete projects and you’re responsible for scoping and quoting them, making sure they’re profitable. In practice: turning needs, wants and dreams into actionable plans.
  • You check in on ongoing projects and on the project managers, making sure that what needs doing actually gets done.
  • You work in sync with our clients to understand their digital challenges better than they do. You also come up with new ideas and products that help them to achieve their goals. You’re a true relationship builder.

Sounds tempting? 


If you fit the following bill, we’re sure you’ll be able to handle the job:

  • Five or more years of agency experience in managing digital projects, from proposal to product. Pros only – our clients are no newcomers either!
  • Creative and flexible mindset. Not in the corporate sense of blue-sky thinking and management newspeak, but rather in the think-on-your-feet kind of way.
  • Experience with producing high-end digital work and basic technical knowledge.
  • Positive and collaborative problem-solving attitude. No corporate tigers allowed – no sheep either.
  • You get excited about new tech and digital trends – and you can come up with ideas on how they could help our clients.
  • You’re partnership-oriented rather than project-oriented. Building client relationships comes naturally to you.

Do you tick the boxes? Perfect!


Here’s what’s in it for you:

  • A competitive salary, deposited monthly into your bank account of choice.
  • A generous share of fringe benefits: laptop, meal vouchers, private health insurance, mobile phone and plan and home internet.
  • The transport solution that suits you best, ranging from an electric Cowboy bike to a company car with a fuel card.
  • Additional responsibility as part-time plant manager, in tandem with the rest of our team. Office plant manager, that is – we’ll provide the watering can.
  • An incredible opportunity to keep learning, every day. Develop your knowledge and dive into cutting-edge technologies to improve your own skills and ours.

Does all of the above sound like we wrote it just for you? Email us! We’ll be checking for your application.


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