Medior/Senior Designer/Art Director

Medior/Senior Designer/Art Director

Poppr crafts immersive experiences on the web, in VR and in AR based on 360° photography/video and 3D.

We’re looking for an Medior/Senior Designer/Art Director to work on projects from pitch to finish.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Think out unique concepts or interactive storylines
  • Create fresh, beautiful and innovative designs for our experiences
  • Set out a style and moodboards for our 3D modellers and follow up on 3D modelling
  • Create briefings for our photographers and follow up on photography
  • Create designs to put on top of our 360 video’s
  • Create animation previews or concepts in motion design
  • Perhaps create some storyboards for our storylines (not required)
  • And much, much more…

Basically, we’re looking for a guy/girl to take this agency to the next level in terms of design/art/creativity. And we need it. Our own website and logo for example are in dire need of an update. We’ll fit in some time to work on that in between projects.

All of this is a breeze for you, because:

  • you have 3 to 5+ years experience designing / art directing high end interactive projects
  • you breathe user experience design
  • you have no problem working with a team
  • you have excellent communication abilities, both internal team and external client communication
  • you have strong planning and time management skills, including consideration for motion and interaction (animations and transitions)
  • you have an eye and passion for design detail

Here at Poppr, we’re a bunch of team playing project managers and producers on a constant search for new and exciting projects using immersive technologies.

So, if you’re up for it, send your portfolio over to!

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