Virtual Showroom

Safety Jogger

Virtual Showroom

Online shopping has been steadily growing in the last couple of decades. Even shops that were dismissive of it jumped the bandwagon during the COVID-19 crisis. Now, almost every store in your neighborhood has an online catalog. It’s a competitive market, so you best stand out as a brand. That’s what Safety Jogger did. 

Safety Jogger designs, manufactures, and sells professional footwear. They control every step of the production process and pride themselves that their products meet the highest standards for protection. When COVID-19 came, the company saw an opportunity to enhance the online shopping experience of its customers. 

An Immersive Online Shopping Experience

Safety Jogger went for an immersive experience for its online shop. Gone are the days of scrolling through catalogs. Here, you find a 360˚ showroom that showcases the brand’s products and vision. Customers can depend on their real-life shopping experiences to navigate through the catalog easily. It’s intuitive, visual, and one-of-kind.

We took extra care in photographing the products: perfect lighting, hi-res quality, and viewable from every angle. Making a sound choice online has never been so easy.

Easy to Use as Shop Owner

We hear you thinking: is this easy to use? Short answer: yes. Long answer: the online shop is connected to the client’s API, which allows you to easily manage the info of the articles. So there’s no hassle. You have full content control over all articles of the online shop. 

Like what you see? We at Poppr can help your brand take the next step in online shopping. Give us a holler if you want to hear all about the possibilities. 

Safety Jogger
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