Tabaknatie Virtual Reality Experience


Tabaknatie Virtual Reality Experience

Tabaknatie holds specialized warehouses with a total surface of more than 1.000.000m², about 11% of the entire Port of Antwerp, offering advanced technologies for storage and treatment in addition to logistics and transport management.
Their services include warehousing, transport, customs, forwarding, value added and tailored services.

Virtual Reality experience

To display their services, USP’s and leadership on events and anywhere on the planet for the next years, we created an immersive virtual reality experience using helicopters, drones and ground production in combination with 3D motion graphics, for the super portable Oculus Quest, and a YouTube version for organic reach.

In a few minutes, we take you through the core values and locations of the company in a very impressive and immersive manner, a must-see.

Virtual Reality helicopter

When drones just don’t cut it.

Helicopter wide

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