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Nekkerhal – Brussels North


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Nekkerhal – Brussels North

The Nekkerhal – Brussels North is a large event and fair location located near Mechelen in the heart of Europe.
Nekkerhal is located just outside the ring road of the attractive historic and cultural city of Mechelen. It is easy to reach from the E19 motorway. The car park can accommodate 1,700 cars.

Virtual Reality for Event Spaces

Virtual Reality offers a rather unique perspective of showcasing event spaces in an immersive, interesting and enjoyable way.

We created this (slow) roller coaster ride through the event space highlighting its unique points and advantages, while enjoying an impossible (but virtually possible) ride.

About The Nekkerhal

  • 8,424 m² free surface area, unique in Europe
  • Multifunctional: fairs, events, conferences, fashion shows, company events, …
  • Several events can be held simultaneously.
  • No restrictions due to pillars or walls
  • 4 to 13 m high
  • 2 main entrances and 4 side entrances
  • 8 large access gates with electric roller doors for lorries
  • No restrictions in terms of suspension points
  • Natural during the day

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