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Lago Website

The six (and growing) water parks and sports and recreation facilities previously known as S&R rebranded to Lago.

They are mostly known for their locations at Rozebroeken (Gent), De Meerminnen (Beveren), Olympia (Brugge), De Waterperels (Lier), Dommelslag (Pelt) and Piscine Du Grand Large (Mons), with more opening up in Kortrijk and Zwevegem.

Virtual Tours

Poppr already built high-quality virtual tours of all the locations, including the swimming pools, slides, gyms and restaurants, so the visitors can get a premium view before their visit.

Check out Lago Rozebroeken in 360 degrees!

New website

We designed and built a new website to facilitate all the locations with different schedules, calendars and activities.

The website includes the virtual tours to all facilities in order to entice visitors to choose Lago.


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