Hot dip galvanising line


Hot dip galvanising line

In order to protect steel against corrosion, one can apply a thin zinc layer. This can be done in one of our hot dip galvanising lines where galvanised products are manufactured for construction, the packaging industry and the automotive industry.

In the hot dip galvanising line, one first degreases and heast the cold rolled strip before further treatment. This ensures an optimum adhesion for the zinc particles.

The strip is then heated to 700/800° C before being cooled down to 460°C. The strip is guided into a zinc bath, which is also 460° C.
When exiting the zinc bath, the zinc layer is blown off by air wipers until the desired coat thickness is reached. The strip is now cooled.

The deformation behaviour and the flatness of the strip can be further optimised by means of a temper rolling stand and a stretch-leveller.

Next a chromate layer is applied onto the strip to prevent ‘white rust’ (caused by the oxidation of the zinc coating).

The final step is to inspect the steel strip, to oil it, cut it at desired length and to coil it.

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