Deutsche Bucht Virtual Tour

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Deutsche Bucht Virtual Tour

Virtual Reality for Industry

Northland Power’s third offshore wind farm is called “Deutsche Bucht” and uses one of the most powerful offshore turbines available.

Because of its gigantic size and its rather difficult location (100 kilometers from the mainland in the German Exclusive Economic Zone) it is often quite challenging to

  • train technicians
  • have technicians prepare before flying over to the substation

To solve this problem, and significantly lower the cost of training and preparations,
we built a virtual twin of the entire station, including detailed imagery of setups like electricity installations or server cabinets.

The tour is for internal use, requires credentials, and is optimized for tablets.

Offshore substation installation. Northland Power’s Deutsche Bucht offshore wind farm will be constructed more than 100 kilometers off the coast in the German Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). The power plant with 33 wind turbines of type V164-8.4 by MHI Vestas will provide a grid capacity of close to 269 megawatts.

A new way of training

Instead of training every technician on board of the Deutsche Bucht, training can be done ashore, saving thousands of euros on travelling expenses.

Not only do they get to see the entire platform from inside a training room, they also get to see technical details such as what’s inside of electricity cabinet B1 for example.

While studying, future technicians can easily revist specific spots, very useful if you forgot something.

Technicians can virtually move around the entire structure, without having to fly out.

The belly of the beast, where technician can not only move around, but look in to every cabinet.

Human for scale

Virtual Twin

The virtual twin of this enormous and complex substation is useful:

  • to track down malfunctions
  • prepare maintenance
  • cut down on helicopter costs (only way to get there)
  • train future technicians
  • corporate branding and recruitment

A high-res 360 virtual reality tour combined with high definition photo’s give a very accurate and detailed overview of everything on board of the platform.

Virtual Reality for Recruitment

What better way to entice future engineers than to take them on a virtual tour of the entire substation.

VR is a powerful storytelling tour for corporate branding and recruitment.

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