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Belfius Art Collection – Recollection


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Belfius Art Collection – Recollection

Visit the largest collection of Belgian art in stunning high-res virtual reality.

The Belfius Art Collection is the largest collection of Belgian Art in the country. Their mission is to unlock art for everyone.
Part of this mission is allowing anyone with a browser to visit the exhibitions in stunning high resolution 360 degrees, with the information you would find next to the pieces.

Recollection – Art & Fashion

The exhibit RECOLLECTION – ART & FASHION brings an original dialogue between the pieces of the Belfius Art Collection and the silhouettes of grand Belgian fashion designers, borrowed from a.o. the MoMu in Antwerp, and new creations from the new generation. The title recollection triggers a mental image, an impression powered by emotions. It is with that notion of a walk with the senses, between reality and fiction, the visitor can discover metamorphoses of art.

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