Taking to the skeyes with an online virtual tour


Taking to the skeyes with an online virtual tour

skeyes safeguards the crowded Belgian airspace. The organization is responsible for guiding over 3000 civil aeroplanes every single day, from take-off to touchdown. This high-pressure environment appeals to everyone’s imagination. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the skeyes air traffic control centres across the country are major attractions at VOKA Open Bedrijvendag. For the 2020 edition, all this planned human traffic had to be diverted to the virtual equivalent of VOKA Open Bedrijvendag. Something to do with a virus.

Picture shoots in an always-on environment

The nature of skeyes’ operations imply that air traffic controllers and technical staff are on duty 24/7 at its main air traffic control centres in Brussels. Poppr’s 360-degree photography team was required to shoot at the different locations with minimal disturbance of daily operations. CANAC 2, the national air traffic management centre located at Zaventem airport, was a particular challenge, as it forms the pulse of all flight movements in Belgium and is busy non-stop.

The Poppr photographers ensured that their mobile photography equipment didn’t interfere with any air traffic management operations, while the privacy of on-duty staff was safeguarded through clever picture-stitching and post-processing techniques.

Key technical takeaways:

  • Non-intrusive digital photography that avoids disturbing daily operations.
  • Privacy-friendly photo stitching and editing to respect employees’ identity.
  • Easy-to-update info tags and labels for an immersive educational experience.


Bringing back the aviation buzz, the virtual way

The resulting 360-degree tours provides incredible insight and behind-the-scenes footage of one of the most high-pressure environments in the country. It is one of the most-visited organizations of the VOKA Open Bedrijvendag. The best part? The tour is available to anyone all day, every day, without putting any strain on the operations of the air traffic control centres. Truly a one-time investment that pays off for years to come.

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