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Magma Cloud Ashes – Belfius Art Collection


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Magma Cloud Ashes – Belfius Art Collection

The new exhibit by the Belfius Art Gallery called “Magma Cloud Ashes” is based on the three colors that have their origin in the earth, like magma, clouds and ashes: red, white and black. Since the dawn of man these three colors were mined from minerals and materials that based the first pigments, the ingredients for a glowing cloud of symbolism and emotion. From the pallet of the painters in the ancient caves who used white chalk, carbon and red earth to the chemical manufacturing processes, no other color has ever had a more meaningful part in the history of the arts.

Red is without question the colour of colours, the first that was mastered, and was for a long time the symbol for wealth and power. And even though white and black were not always deemed chromatic adjectives, they were used to refer to light and darkness. Today, white and black culturally and linguistically have the status of true colours, because their never-ending nuances are cause for much debate and research among artists.

The exhibit Magma Cloud Ashes is a great opportunity to infuse the Belfius Art Collection with the three colours, with the help from Jan Brueghel, James Ensor, Pierre Alechinsky, Léon Spilliaert, Michaël Borremans, Antoine Mortier, Koen van den Broek of Piet Stockmans, to discover and investigate the interpretation throughout time and culture.

The Belfius Art Collection

Visit the largest collection of Belgian art in stunning high-res virtual reality.

The Belfius Art Collection is the largest collection of Belgian Art in the country. Their mission is to unlock art for everyone.
Part of this mission is allowing anyone with a browser to visit the exhibitions in stunning high resolution 360 degrees, with the information you would find next to the pieces.

Virtual Reality and Art

Because of the sensory nature of art, we believe virtual reality is the key to unlock exhibits and experiences to a world-wide audience who can’t make it to the venue, or to entice.

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