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Google Street View Revolution With Iris360



June 2 at the IVRPA conference at Prague (International Virtual Reality Photography Association) the iris360™ was launched. The iris360™ is a new consumer 360° camera system designed to speed the capture and upload of 360° images to Google Maps and Street View.

Iris360™ is a panoramic camera, that can be controlled by a mobile phone or tablet. It captures high-resolution 360 degree images from four sensors at high speed. With no existing setup tine, operating the Iris360 does not require any photographic experience. With only one touch it can capture and deliver images at an 8K resolution, HDR panoramic images in less than two minutes. The design is small and lightweight, which makes is easy for transport and deploy. It can be used in as well indoor as outdoor environments

This simplicity of use gives the opportunity for everyone to become a Google Street View photographer. The process is fast because the images are processed on-board. This makes it possible for the images to be uploaded on Street View in minutes. Every Iris360™  owner could conceivably shoot and upload a full street’s business interiors in a single day.

For a resolution comparison with Poppr.
Iris360™ : 8K
Poppr Premium Tour: 20 – 80K

Iris 360